Useful Information

Entry Requirements

Luz Train Station


Canadian citizens require valid passport and visa to enter Brazil. The visa is easily obtained at any Brazilian consulate. Tourist visas are valid for 5 years. Citizens of other countries should check with the Brazilian Consulate for applicable entry rules.



In Brazil summer is from December to March and temperatures range in the 30ºC. During the winter months, June through September, temperatures range in the 20ºC during the day and in the 10ºC at night. As befits a tropical country, the dress is casual and comfortable. In the evening, few places require formal attire. For men, slacks and sports shirt is generally sufficient. For women, eveningwear is far more fashionable, be it designer jeans or a dress. During the winter, a jacket or sweater may be necessary in the evening.



There are two types of taxis in major cities. The regular-metered taxis and may be flagged on the street. The other type, taxi “especial” or radio taxi, is larger, more luxurious, more expensive and is found outside hotels, at airports or can be ordered by phone.



Most restaurants and bars include a 10% service charge; however, it is customary to leave an additional tip for good service. When not included, 15% is a normal tip. Taxis are not tipped as such but usually told to keep the change. Airport and hotel porters should receive the equivalent of $1.00 a bag.